What We do?

Operation Maple

 Democracy is being stolen from us

Our right to proper healthcare, to a decent education, to collective bargaining -all are under attack. The source of the attack is well known: Stephen Harperand the wealthy corporations he represents.  As the number of working poor climbs across the country, the profits of the CEOs and their corporationsare now counted in the billions of dollars.

It is an extreme form of corruption on the part of the Prime Minister that is deliberate, systematic and geared for one thing only: to take away our basic freedoms and, as these are eroded, to rob us of our democracy.


Our Library

 Poor No More

Three Canadians, whose lives have been ravaged by poverty, get to travel to Europe to see what would be possible if Canada treated poverty differently. Poor no More is a story of three engaging people who discover a world where people do not have to beg, where housing is affordable and university education is free. We share thei personal journeys as the realization dawns that poverty need not be a life sentence. They ask themselves: if other countries can reduce poverty, why can’t we?

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Who We Are?


Deveaux Babin Productions is an award-winning film and television production company based in Toronto. The principals of the company, Suzanne Babin and Bert Deveaux, former CBC documentary producers, started the company in 1984.
Deveaux Babin Productions has created and produced documentaries and reality series for CBC, TV Ontario, LIFE Network and a number of broadcasters in Canada and the United States.